Common Warehouse Logistic Concerns

The following is a list of the most frequently encountered warehouse logistic concerns. Preparation is a valuable problem solving tool when it comes to warehouse logistics. Here are the top things to watch out for.

Accuracy of Inventory
Within a warehouse, full view of all inventory may not be possible. This can lead to stock shortages or overages, which decreases cash flow. Overages are usually less damaging to a company than shortages, because customers who cannot buy what they need from a company will generally go elsewhere to get their desires met.

Inconvenient Inventory Location
Thought must be put into where the inventory is situated in a warehouse. This is because lack of thought can really slow things down inside the warehouse operations. The employees who pick out the inventory to be shipped can only be as fast as the ready availability of the stock itself. Additionally, shipment deliveries can be delayed if inventory must be moved around a lot to make way for new items.

Picking Routes
Manual process warehouses need to consider the route which pickers take in order to get the inventory which is to be shipped. Inefficient routes to and from stations is a real time-drain. A warehouse should be organized on a system-directed item pick and re-stock route. This makes routing automatic, which streamlines available time and productivity.

Warehouse Layout
Even small warehouses can be made to store an abundance of goods. The key to making the most use out of a warehouse is organization, which provides optimal space and resources. One common method of engaging the flow of work is by putting the highest-selling inventory near the front of the warehouse. This will mean forklift drivers can access it quickly and easily rather than having to wander the entire inventory each time.

Eliminate the Redundant
Pick tickets and other documents which have to be handed to more than one person are best done via barcodes. A single scan is much easier than checking against an inventory sheet or hunting in a computer to be sure an item matches its number. This is true whether the staff are the picker, checker, stager, or loader.


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